Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Rumors Of A Lie"

"The thoughts of feelings right now are rummaging through my heart to blame,
And as my heart is doing so my head is doing the same,
I feel as if I have no resolution for my actions,
Not one thought stays in my brain's station,
I often feel as if I have failed my one true love,
By failing to look at You above,
My love is deeper that the depth of the ocean,
Like waves I screw it up and cause all kinds of commotion,
I want the peace that surpasses all understanding,
One that only You Jesus can give me without demanding,
My actions have left my body the words left my mouth,
Only to give you a reason to doubt,
I wish I could re-do and take each step again,
Only because I found out there was a better plan,
Lying never gets you anywhere in life,
The only thing it causes in a relationship is strife,
I have repented to you time and time again,
Only to find out what's done leaves a relentless stain,
So be careful how you speak and make amends,
If not done correctly, it could be the story at it's end."

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