Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Going Backwards To Move Forward"

"Satan is a mastermind at making us feel worthless in life,
But I strive to know different when God says, "We are new creations in Christ",
It is sometimes very hard to get past the thought that I am nothing,
Just to get up and take a stand to prove we are something,
I am continually trying to draw my strength from You God, because I can't do it alone,
At night, I know You hear every word I think and say even the cries and moans,
Father God You are faithful to open our hearts to receive what is true,
To do what is best for us and make our lives brand-new,
But for this to happen, we must first let go,
So if we must look backward for one last glance,
Make sure it is to only move forward and not to remember the past."

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