Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Peace That Matters"

"If you don't have peace just wait and see,
It is for all to receive, it's free,
The peace of this world is all too quick to go away,
But the peace I'm talking about will always stay,
You must first determine to change your direction,
And choose to take the correct action,
You will never get it all right,
And through Jesus, we are perfect in God's sight,
The fact is we all fail everyday,
The truth is that God says come anyway."

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

"The Eternal Secret"

"Life is full of ups and downs,
But I know a secret that may turn it all around,
It's not a quick fix or anything like that,
To be truthful, you may feel as if you've gone backwards before you know where you're at,
But, I promise, the process will be worth it all,
You will start seeing the problems become so very small,
By simply putting your Trust in Jesus above,
His arms are opened wide just waiting to share His love,
So you see, the secret I mentioned before,
It's not a big secret anymore."

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

"Do Our Part"

"Having discipline is a difficult thing,
When we don't have it, it causes a sting,
 God gave us the responsibility to do our part,
So pick up your boot straps and make a clean start,
Sitting there and doing nothing is not the best option,
Let's stand up on our feet and put our faith into action,
By not doing anything, a choice you decide to make,
If done for a very long could be a costly mistake,
So make a decision and do something with your life today,
And you won't be all lonely, confused and led astray,
The Lord can provide all things for us to succeed,
But we must all do our part and take the lead."

"Rumors Of A Lie"

"The thoughts of feelings right now are rummaging through my heart to blame,
And as my heart is doing so my head is doing the same,
I feel as if I have no resolution for my actions,
Not one thought stays in my brain's station,
I often feel as if I have failed my one true love,
By failing to look at You above,
My love is deeper that the depth of the ocean,
Like waves I screw it up and cause all kinds of commotion,
I want the peace that surpasses all understanding,
One that only You Jesus can give me without demanding,
My actions have left my body the words left my mouth,
Only to give you a reason to doubt,
I wish I could re-do and take each step again,
Only because I found out there was a better plan,
Lying never gets you anywhere in life,
The only thing it causes in a relationship is strife,
I have repented to you time and time again,
Only to find out what's done leaves a relentless stain,
So be careful how you speak and make amends,
If not done correctly, it could be the story at it's end."

Saturday, January 5, 2013

"Going Backwards To Move Forward"

"Satan is a mastermind at making us feel worthless in life,
But I strive to know different when God says, "We are new creations in Christ",
It is sometimes very hard to get past the thought that I am nothing,
Just to get up and take a stand to prove we are something,
I am continually trying to draw my strength from You God, because I can't do it alone,
At night, I know You hear every word I think and say even the cries and moans,
Father God You are faithful to open our hearts to receive what is true,
To do what is best for us and make our lives brand-new,
But for this to happen, we must first let go,
So if we must look backward for one last glance,
Make sure it is to only move forward and not to remember the past."