Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"My Only Option"

"I sit here and wonder will I change,
It seems that everyone I'm around, I drain,
I don't like the ways I've been pulled in,
It all seems to real and I so bad want it to end,
So, Jesus I look to You to help me see,
The areas in my life You need to clean,
I give all those places in my heart,
Even those ones that seem so dark,
Only You can take the dark pain away,
Only You can see the space in my heart to change,
I've hurt the persons I've loved most,
And because of my actions the distance isn't close,
There is no one to blame but me,
I have no one else but You to cling,
When we are in trouble and no end in sight,
Lord Jesus, I cry out to You with all of my might,
No words spoken can fix any solution,
Only You God, have produced Jesus, the Right Resolution."

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